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Stay Simple...

After attacking my brain cells trying keeping up with the overwhelming knowledge about high end beauty photography and retouching that i currently educated myself with generous information that has been passed to me by a good senior photographer mate who i met over on my last business combined holiday trip to asia and too many video tutorials i have been watching lately, killing my time before bed. I officially made a solid decision to give my brain sometime off and take it easy on work and simple post production work.

Simple here doesn't mean its less in quality or less valuable for me, in fact... the work i will share here has more story and means something special.

This is Kenzie, a girl i met on the internet... (NO IT WAS NOT ON A DATING SITE). She is one of my models, well besides being a full-time mother and taking photos of people and other interesting things i come across, i have been working as a Model Trainer and Consultant at the boutique international modelling agency Vertueux Management that my friend and I have built and run together for the past 4 years.

Back to the storyline, the joy of being a model trainer... i came across lots of nice and lovely and of course I don't need to mention about beautiful etc etc etc girls from all over the world.

Kenzie is one of them and she if from Canada, i am assuming that makes her Canadian, She has been modelling locally for quite a while back in her country...

And... Oh My Lord, this girl had quite a lot of photos on her book.... when i said lots here its like more than hundreds... yeah... she has done lots of photoshoots before. Lot of photos with lot of makeup and different dresses... Of course she is a model right :p

As a photographer who was having a big interest in high fashion and beauty of course when I had an opportunity working together with a professional model the list of ideas that popped up in my mind is not even funny... but as a title on my blog, when i had the opportunity to not only FINALLY see her in real life but also to shoot her the first thing... The big thing i had in mind is SIMPLE...

I want to be able to not only capture her beauty, but also capture her inner soul... and i want photos that tell a story in the future when we both look back on it.

All my girls at the agency, they are all special to me. Each of them have their own unique signature on my heart. Basically as a mentor who more than often acted as a grumpy MOM, who always wanted to know pretty much EVERYTHING (maybe worse more their own mother, in some case) I knew each of the girls very well... (proud mama moment).

This girl is one of the craziest and funniest girls that i can confidently joke around with without worry that she will feel offended with my stupid jokes. Kenzie loves taking pride when it comes to makeup, well after all she is also a makeup artist :) so you can see her untidy and 'whatever' kind of style on her outfit or hair but... she always took her time to do her well done makeup before she is going out.

Simple photos, not too many props and post production but indeed it means quite a bit for me and i hope also for her :).


Astri x

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