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The Boy Who Stole my heart ...

I remember when i was a little girl, I used to have a lot of baby dolls... some of them are imported from another country.

I am not a girly girl when i am kid... infact i am more of a tomboy, who grew up with 2 big brothers. I dont remember have many or have any girlfriends at all. Not until i am in my late 20's.

Even i am tomboy i loved baby dolls, maybe because i am the youngest in the family. I always imagined to be a big sister and always loved playing with kids, especially baby....

from my relative baby, until the neigboure babies who live near our house...


so when 10 years ago i gave a birth to my own baby, i was very happy....

his big eyes that could melt everyones heart, his long eye lashes and his olive skin...

I have loved him since then, but i found out to look after a real baby is not as a simple as looking after my baby dolls, especially my boy was not very good sleeper and very active during the day and the night, even though i dont think he is a burden to my life.

Having him not stopping me having a career in life, or travelling or doing anything i used to do before i am having him.

I am very lucky to have very supporting man who did amazing job help me raising this little boy.

This little boy growing up has become the little man that I am really proud of, he is different from other kids that i met around, he is very mature for kids around his age, he also has a heart of gold, he can put other peoples happiness infront of his own and has amazed me considering he is still very young to have that kind of thought on his own.

he is also a very hard worker, he started doing jobs around the house since he is was very little,

tidy his own toys, bedroom, clothes and help with vacumming and working in the kitchen as well... not only that... he doesn't mind helping his dad outside with gardening or hard jobs, and since he had baby brother he also is taking a part in looking after his little brother, from waking him up in the morning, making him breakfast, picking and dropping him from/to his class, and lots of things he has done for his little brother.

Many nights I think about him, and I have to admited that he is a better kid then i used to be when i was around his age, i hope he will be a better person than his dad and I, and also has a better life than us.


3 weeks ago, after long debating with himself he decided that he will celebrate his birthday this year, he doesn't celebrate his birthday often as he normally uses the money for helping poor kids in indonesia with their education instead, but he feels bad to his friends because he always got invited to his friends party and he never invite them to his, so this year he wanted to share his day with his close friends, with one condition he said he doesn't want any presents instead he wants a donation towards his little charity that he had.

I can't think my life without him, he not only brings the sun to my life but also teach me lots of important stuff in this life, He made me realise the meaning of living...

I knew some people sometimes post status on sosmed, seems that for them having kids is a big burden...

.... Cant go shopping, Cant sleep anymore, Cant go travelling, Cant have time for themselves, Cant rest, Cant be happy... No time for anything else, etc etc, they are always using they kids as their excuses...

Until now I never feel my kids are a burden for me, YES... having kids is hard work because we have responsibilitties to these little people but having kids is one the best experiences that has ever happend in my life...


My little baby turn 10,

He not baby anymore he now become a little man, I can't thanks God for sent him to my life.

I might not a perfect mother, but sweetheart you know that no other woman in this life love you as much as I am.

everyday, you will keep growing.... and everyday my love for you will keep growing as well...

10 years ago when i looked into your eyes i can see my heart in there.... you will always have a special place in my heart...

Happy birthday little man, I love you very much


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